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How to stay calm during the holidays

Today I am grateful to welcome a new guest blogger to the Blog! Welcome Hydee! Today Hydee helps us appreciate the holidays with renewed love for family and a return to the magic of the season.


A little about Hydee:

Hydee is the digital alter ego of Heidi Swymer.  When she’s not working as a Marketing Maven in Corporate America she works on her blog, HydeeCat, and plans to channel her creative energy into her first Etsy shop.  Heidi recently returned to Massachusetts after living in 5 different states and earning her MBA.  It took those five cross country moves for Heidi to learn that “Home is where you are” and sometimes that means just being home.

So long, Holiday Magic!


There’s something magical about this time of year.  The bundling of extra layers feels like a giant bear hug, the smell of pure savory deliciousness fills the air, and the first snowfall adds a beautiful sparkly sheen to everything in its sight.  It’s a time for nostalgia and reflection.  We look back at a younger version of ourselves and realize how much we’ve grown.  Growth shaped by successes, failures, adventures, heartache, and loved ones.

While all of that is certainly magical there’s another magic that’s lurking in the air.  Take that beautiful scene and now mix in Holidays and Family.  Is your heartbeat already quickening?  The person you’ve become somehow completely unravels as you return to the mental state you were at 17, 13, 10, 8….  You may find yourself fighting with siblings, frustrated with parents, returning to the role of the baby, the responsible one, the shining star, or the black sheep.  The successful independent grownup in you is nowhere in site.  It’s a magical time indeed.

Actually it’s not.

It’s not magic, good or terrifying, and it’s certainly not what I’ve referred to in previous conversations as a traffic jam.  Noting that it’s impossible to be a leader in a traffic jam.  You simply cannot drive your way through a highway parking lot just because you declare the traffic jam is over.  Just like you cannot convince your family to act like civilized adults and forget about that one time you declared you were going to be a My Little Pony when you grew up.


Instead what this is, this phenomenon of family + holidays + magical winter weather, is an opportunity, like every other mundane or exciting moment in our lives, to reclaim your power.  This phenomenon is not something that happens to you that dictates your self worth.  You do not have to revert back to the mental state of your 8 year old self simply because one family member will always remember your obsession with Majesty the Unicorn.

Remember that successful independent grown up you were before you arrived into this Interstellar black hole of a holiday get together?  Be that person.  Channel the power that got you to where you are today.  Charm the pants off your curmudgeonly grandfather, laugh your head off with your senile aunt, and challenge your brother to a dance off (or anything else you know he won’t say not to).  You can happen to the holidays. Not the other way around.

So have a silent night filled with smiles.  May your days be merry and humorous.  And fa la la la la all the way home.  And if you can’t do any of that, then just do you.

Connect with Hydee:

On the web:  www.HydeeCat.com
Instagram:  @HydeeCat
Twitter:  @Hydee


  • Hydee

    November 25, 2014 at 8:51 pm

    I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for Lora and her blog! Thank you for sharing my post. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!