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New Year, Love You!


My biggest pet peeve every January is the onslaught of “new year, new you.”

Is there something we’re supposed to find wrong with us suddenly? We all need a make-over and our lives up to this point have been riddled with mistakes, ugliness, and unhappiness?! I don’t think so. I do focus on positive intentions for each year (more on the blog later this week!!), but I will never ever believe that we need to have a total remake to start the year.

“New year, new you?!” NO! New year, LOVE you! And so I share an unedited slouchy Lora. I am wearing these cozy clothes right now and have spent the morning drinking coffee, journaling, and taking some much needed meditation to focus on gratitude and all the amazing things I have in my life.

I am far from perfect. I will never be perfect. But I love me and embrace my flaws and imperfections (and yea, there is always room for self-improvement.)

I trust that 2015 will be fantastic not because I seek to find a new me, but because I continually seek to find and love the actual me. Because that is who I wake up and spend 365 days a year with.

So please, make an effort to practice some self-love and remember, no “new you,” no “new year” is possible without YOU. So love you, embrace you, and know that, by doing so, you will pave the way for success, happiness, and an amazing 2015, 2016, and beyond!

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