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What do you do when the fire alarm goes off during yoga?

This was me before class started.


Smiley, silly, and ready to teach my lovely yoga students at one of my ALL time favorite spaces–the Gallery, in downtown St. Pete!

We had a lovely start to class with a great group of students, some fabulous music playing, and the calming use of lavender essential oils.

And then.


Flashing lights.

Louder sirens.

The fire alarm had gone off!

What do you do when you’re teaching yoga and the fire alarm went off?

Obviously, my first concern was for safety– and trying to ascertain the best protocol to follow. Was it a drill? Where do we evacuate? Was it real? (In which case I was about to freak out over all the gorgeous art in the gallery!)

A security guard told us to evacuate. We rolled up our mats. We went outside. Everyone was refunded for class, as they had only had $15 minutes  of class!

They were also lopsided as we had only done one side of the body in a series of poses. So we stood out on the street corner and practiced yoga! There was an event upstairs in the building and I think they found our yoga to be interesting! But we did get some smiles. (And I think a few of the individuals *wanted* to join us but were just too shy.)

After about 30 minutes the building cleared for re-entry.  No fire!! Just an accidental fire alarm of some sort.

Unfortunately, we had already had to cancel class. I led the remaining students through a few final postures to ground them and sent them home, hopefully, finding some sense of ease.

What impressed my the most, however, was everyone’s total sense of calm and kindness.  My yogis, while thrown for a hurdle, remained poised, smiling, and considerate of one another and the situation!

Have you had a fire alarm go off during a strange situation? What would you do?

Let me know!


  • Beth Blacker

    March 20, 2015 at 1:56 pm

    I totally understand how distressing this was especially since you had only done the poses on one side. I would feel so out of balance the rest of the day! Thanks for sharing via #TBB #LinkLove 🙂