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How to Dress for Spring Weather

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Deanamic Driven Infinity Scarf. All opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links, meaning if you purchase an item through one of my links I may receive a small commission.

Spring has sprung! Which means a mixture of super hot weather, super chilly nights, rain, pollen, and general seasonal confusion. What’s a yogi to do?

Layers, my friend, layers.

Here are my favorite ways to fend of the spring confusion and embrace the final cool days as we usher in summer!

1) Own a good lightweight (but still warm scarf.) Bonus points if it matches a jacket!

I’m shown here in a prAna bomber jacket ($104.95) and Deanamic Driven Infinity Scarf in pink. I love this scarf because you can wear  it alone, over a sweatshirt, or even with a jacket as I do here.  It’s lightweight enough to fit in a purse, but warm enough to keep away any chilly spring nights or late spring storms.


2) Invest in a hat, like this one by prAna ($30.) It will save your face from sunburns, wind, and bad hair days. (And we all know that rainy days can be disaster for your hair.)


3) Wear comfortable shoes in bright colors–that add a pop of spring to your outfit and are also suitable to pair with shorts and warm weather ensembles! I’m a new Pluggz ambassador and these shoes are absolutely PERFECT for spring! 😀  How can yellow MOCS not yield sunshiney days?!? (Psst! If you want a pair you save 10% by using code “LORA” at checkout!)



Inconsistent spring weather ain’t got NOTHING on me! I love spring. Spring and fall are by far my two favorite seasons!

What fashion tricks do you have to get you through the transitional days?

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