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#SavetheUndies: Be an UnderWarrior & Love Your Undergarments

 #SavetheUndies: Be an UnderWarrior & Love Your Undergarments!!!!

I love fashion. And I love to look good AND feel good.

But sometimes, that can be easier said than done.

My clothes have a LOT of wear and tear. I mean…

What happens when you go for long run after long run?

Or when you can only find that ONE GOOD STRAPLESS bra and you’re paranoid that it will get ruined in the wash?

Or, egads, what happens when you want to sleep in your adorable new nightgown but you’re on your period?

I know sister. It an be hard to keep your undergarmets looking pristine.

Luckily,  I’ve got your back!

Here’s how to keep your undies looking PRISTINE every day:

1) Wear the right sleeping pad for heavy flow days: U By Kotex® Pads, featuring 3D Capture Core*


I know, I know. We’re talking about PADS? But seriously, sometime’s a girl’s got to wear one. And it shouldn’t keep you from donning cute pajamas and underwear. I refuse to believe in “period panties” y’all. A girl should look good from head to toe and FEEL good–any day of the month!

I recommend using U By Kotex® Ultra Thin Pads, featuring 3D Capture Core* for those days when you need to a little extra protection–but don’t want to hurt your panties or your cute pajamas!

These babies are light-weight BUT they actually really work. These U By Kotex® pads are leak-proof thanks to the 3d Capture Core* — which means that your panties, your nightie, your bedding, etc. is ALL in the clear!!! How does it work, you ask? The 3D Capture Core* quickly draws in and locks away wetness. Plus they have wings (a must), a comfortable fit (a miracle), don’t bunch up in your sleep (huzzah!!!), have no artificial scents, and don’t make you feel like you are a wearing a diaper. Can I get a what what?!?

“Don’t believe me? Just watch!” U By Kotex® pads is giving away FREE SAMPLES to my lovely readers on their website!!!


Visit UbyKotex.com to request a free sample of U by Kotex® pads with 3D Capture Core* to help #SaveThe Undies–starting with saving your own!!! Just click on the “get samples” button on the U by Kotex® page, enter your mailing address, and your samples will be on their way!


Photo taken by the fabulous Ashlee Hamon. I’m wearing a super comfy wrap by Nesh NYC, you can get a similar one here and here.

So join me as an #UnderWarrior!! Curl up in your comfy BUT cute clothes, and know that your fabrics, your fashion, and your super sweet bedding will all be safe–thanks to U by Kotex® pads with 3D Capture Core*!

2) Lingerie bags

When you own cute bras (like this one I’m wearing by Nesh NYC, perfectly captured by my lovely friend Ashlee Hamon), you want to keep it snag free and as cute as possible, right? That back won’t stay perfect all on its own!


Don’t you HATE it when something adorable gets ruined in the wash? Even when you use the delicate or hand-wash setting?

Lingerie bags to the rescue!

If you don’t own one, GO GET ONE.


I’m serious. You need one. NOW! Go to amazon and order one. I REALLY love this one, that I received courtesy of Wash Guard. It’s the best I’ve find so far. Get it on amazon here. Or go to Target, Walmart, your favorite retailer and look for Wash Guard! You need to have a lingerie bag! It will SAVE your bras, your panties, and your cute nightgowns.

Why wouldn’t you want it?

3) Don’t delay, wash today!

Have you ever looked like THIS after a long run!?!?! (I know I’m not alone.)


Don’t want your clothes to stink?


Seriously, wash your super sweaty clothes RIGHT AWAY. You can even do a lot of them in your sink or bath-tub if you don’t have a washing machine of your own. Just make sure you get them clean day of, so the stink and sweat doesn’t sit! (That’s where the smell comes in.)

What did I miss? What are your tips to keeping your undergarments glorious-no matter what the day? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to claim your FREE pads thanks to U by Kotex® pads!


  • Stacey

    April 18, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    Some excellent points. Love the face, by the way

  • Lauren Gay

    April 18, 2015 at 5:09 pm

    I need to get that bag!! Great tips.