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How to get a good night’s sleep

I love sleep.

I mean looooovvveee sleep.

I get so excited when I can get a good night’s sleep!!

But even if I’m harried or hurried, there’s always a few tricks to help make your sleep just a teensy bit better.

Here’s my go-to tips for a good night’s rest!

1) Drink plenty of water during the day!

75% of people are dehydrated! Did you know that your brain is most active when you’re sleeping? And it needs water for that activity. So drink up and know that you’re on the way to quality sleep!


2) Take a Restorative Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose before sleeping:

Legs-Up-The-Wall kicks in your parasympathetic nervous system (aka the opposite of “fight or flight” response), which helps prepare your body to rest and digest! It also just makes me sleepy!

lora-rest-legs-up-wallPhoto taken by Ashlee Hamon Photography. Racer-stripe leggings by Nesh NYC (available for purchase here in my Zindigo shop! Save $35 if you purchase by 05/31 with code “Z35), last season excel tank thanks to Lorna Jane (newest version available here), chakra bracelets courtesy of Energy Muse Jewelry and Kendra Scott rings via rocksbox (code “lorahoganxoxo” for one month free!), get them (get them here, here, or here.)

3) Have quality mattress, sheets, pillowcases, and pillows! Trust me, it makes a difference.


I use 1000 thread count sheets, like these by Yorkshire-Mayfair. So soft! Thank you so much for sending me these Yorkshire Mayfair! I so appreciate it!

4) If it’s bright out, wear a sleeping mask! (I often do and I am NOT ashamed!)

Bring the darkness to you!!


What are your tips to get a good night’s rest? Let me know in the comments below!!

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