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It’s good to feel fear


As I talked with a friend earlier this week, we had a big discussion on pain. She may have to have surgery on her neck from a car accident, which could interfere with her body’s ability to feel any pain whatsoever in her neck. She doesn’t want to do it.

Why? Because pain can be a good thing. It tells you when you may get hurt, when you need to rest, when to back off, when to stop. It’s a signal that HEY something’s going on here. And when you feel it, you know to stop and figure out the plan of action.

The same thing is true for fear.

We hear all these things about OVERCOMING fear, becoming FEARLESS.

We don’t want to be fearless.

Fear can be a good thing.

Sometimes, fear can be a signal that we’re on the right track.

Because the things that make us uncomfortable, the things that make us feel afraid…those are often the best things in life.

Now I’m not saying to suddenly go sky diving or walk around late at night in a scary neighborhood. That’s not the kind of fear I’m talking about.

It’s the emotional fear. The fear that kicks in when you have a good business idea or think about your dream job. The fear before a first date that you feel is going to be special. The fear that comes with taking a leap, expressing yourself, or just being okay to be vulnerable, to be you, to let go.

That’s the good fear. The fear that says HEY YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. When you feel uncomfortable, it’s the signal that you’re growing, you’re changing, you’re connecting to someone else, you’re letting go of stuff you don’t need. And when you breathe through the fear. When you continue despite the fear. When you dive into the unknown.

Magic happens.

So don’t lose the fear. Don’t try to conquer the fear.

Instead, just ask–what is the fear trying to tell me? What am I scared of? Why?

And then see what happens when you continue on. When you breathe. When you act consciously. When you feel the fear and do it anyway.

Because there’s something amazing that happens when you do that.

Feel the fear. Be grateful for the fear. And listen to the cues. Listen to the signs the fear is telling you.

And go carve out the dream life you want, no matter how scary that may be.



Embrace life.

Take leaps.

Fear is your friend. Learn to love it so that you can fully love yourself, love the world, and be the best you humanly possible.



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