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New #LoveYourHips Sponsor

Did you hear the news! We have another new sponsor for our #LoveYourHips challenge!!

Energy Muse Jewelery!!!


One lucky winner and participant in our #LoveYourHips yoga challenge will win this gratitude bracelet:

gratitude-2-3Valued at approximately $100, this gratitude bracelet by Energy Muse Jewelry is for men OR women (sizes available for both) and the gem stones are specifically designed to promote gratitude, harmony, and love. Moreover, it was actually designed in partnership with Jason Mraz! (How cool is that?)

The bracelet contains Bayong Wood, Citrine, Turquoise, Malachite, Picture Jasper, Yellow Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, and Black Onyx. These gemstones symbolize the tree (grounding down and lifting up), connectedness, healing, and togetherness. All of which remind us to be grateful for our lives, the earth, and the people we encounter. And to lead with love.

Thank you Energy Muse Jewelry! Reminder: The #LoveYourHips challenge starts on Instagram on Monday, May 11!!!



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