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Practice Not Perfect!

I used to get down on my hamstrings y’all.

Way down.



Why? Because they are tight.

And why are they tight?

Because I love to run. I love to walk. I love to dance. I love to Bar Method. I love to live life to the fullest.

And that used to get me down as a yogi and yoga teacher.

I’d feel FRUSTRATED by how far I felt I always had to go in the pose.

But finally, I took in my yoga background and applied it to me.

“Practice and all is coming.”

It is the PRACTICE of the posture and not the outcome that matters. Sure, we know this in the back of our heads, but it is SO easy to forget. To get caught up in what we “think” it should look like. That we forget that what really matters is that we are practicing, that we are moving, that we are stretching, that we are fully inhabiting each and every pose and posture.

And yes. I have tight hamstrings.



But I am happy to embrace the hammies.

Because they may be tight, but every day I practice. Every day I come to my mat, they get just a teensy teensy bit looser. In a good way.

And it’s OKAY that I can’t get the Yoga Journal cover shot with hamstring poses. That’s not the end of the world.

What would be the end of the world is to give up, to stop trying because I can’t do it perfectly. Because it doesn’t seem the way I pictured it would seem in my head.

Life doesn’t EVER go perfectly. It doesn’t work that way. The posture will NEVER be perfect. What matters is that I keep doing my best each and every time. That I keep showing up to practice. That I don’t give up just because it’s hard or difficult or because it doesn’t go the way I wanted it to in my head.

Keep practicing.
Keep showing up.

It’s PRACTICE not PERFECTION that makes life.

Perfection doesn’t exist.

But each and every day you get to practice towards perfection and do the best you personally are capable of doing in that given moment. And you are given a choice to enjoy it, to make the most of it, to savor it, to love it.

And that’s where the magic is.

Keep practicing yogis.



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  • Caitlyn

    June 19, 2015 at 10:02 am

    Yaaaaasssss….these are the muscles I always focus on most when stretching for myself or teaching PiYo. Love to run…but geeez! 🙂