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Run Inspired!

I am blessed to have an amazing circle of running friends.

They are all amazing, but one of them always motivates me to try harder, to do better, and to be more me–in and out of my running shoes.

My friend Erin!


She is my race buddy and my constant inspiration.

She just finished her first Ironman 70.3! (I only hope someday to accomplish such a feat!)


She is also my race buddy. We’ve run together side by side at Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah for TWO years in a row, and will be doing Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn this coming October. I always race better when I race with Erin!



I wanted to show her how much I appreciate her and how much she inspired me every single day.

Thanks to Athlete Inspired Inc, I was able to give her this adorable bracelet, which reads “run inspired.”


Here she is wearing it on a run! Thank you Athlete Inspired Inc. for providing me with this present to gift to my friend. There’s nothing that makes friendship that much sweeter than providing a thoughtful gift. We will both run with even MORE inspiration now.


Thank you!!!!


  • Lauren

    June 17, 2015 at 9:53 am

    That’s awesome that you and your friend are so supportive of each other. I love the idea of an inspirational gift!