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Let’s stay refreshed with Le Tote

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you choose to purchase a product via my link I may receive a small commission.

AHHH. Sweet sweet summer time!

If your summer has been like mine it has been HOT HOT HOT, humid, sometimes rainy, and blessed by air conditioning. (Thank goodness for air conditioning, right?)

Thankfully, Le Tote has had my back through these bumpy ups and downs.

Styling for air conditioning is easier said than done.

I’ve learned to love layers, dresses and willowy blouses.

And my latest Le Tote nailed it.

Here’s how to stay refreshed and feel cozy in the summer months:

1) Cardigans are your friend–my next door neighbor and fellow Le Tote lover Claire models this gorgeous red cardi. Perfect for when the wind picks up or the air condition is blasting.




How cute is it? Plus, she’s paired with ballet flats from Pluggz that are currently 40% off. Huzzah!

2) Cotton Stripes. Forgiving. Comfortable. Can be dressed up or down. LOVE!



3) The kimono blouse. It offers a touch more comfort (I’m especially a fan of a kimono type blouse for hot days when you feel a bit bloated), while still looking sweet and stylish!




4) Accessories, accessories, accessories! No matter where you go, your accessories are there for you! 😉 Like this ring. J’adore. Le Tote, I never want to send it back!!!!!!! (And yes, it was the perfect accessory to pair with my amazing adult milkshake at Del Friscos Tampa! MMMM. That shake was delicious, especially with a fry dipped in it!)


What do you think? How do you battle the air conditioners, humidity, pop-up thunder storms, and more with your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!

Reminder: I am a Le Tote ambassador! Sign-up now and save $25 off your first month with code “LORA25“! 😀

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