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We are love!

We do not like the term “God” for Source. This may be controversial to write and to say. Why do we feel this way? Because labeling as “God” implies that we are separate or above. That we are removed from you. But we are not removed from you. God is YOU. God is all of us. Because we are all pure source. 
We are all pure love and light.
We are all pure love and light. We do not need approval. We do not need a Priest. We just need to connect to that vibration. Connect to that love and pure energy. And from there, we are all one. We are all together. And when we die, when we move on into non-being in this physical life, we become that which we already are. We become one with this supposed God, because this God is us already. Heaven is in us already. Heaven is here in me and you and you and you. We just have to tune in.

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