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Can the law of attraction help me win the lottery?

No matter what anyone tells you, the law of attraction is not going to help you win the lotto. This lottery, this gambling, it’s not going to manifest your desires. There is no special code to use to win. But if you’re looking for a “quick fix,” it will not work. Why do you think so many winners of the lottery go bankrupt over and over and over again? Because they are not on a vibrational level of riches or with an understanding of what that means, they are not that plane!
Do not waste your energy on the lotto because the real lottery, the real win, is when you transcend to a higher plane. And then you don’t need a lottery to have you win. You will just be winning naturally. Wealth will come, winnings will come, things will just come to you without you even having to verbalize your requests!
But the lottery is a poor man’s game. For someone who is on a very low level of understanding. And, yes, he might think he used the law of attraction to win his money, that he is manifesting it, and he could be on a level, he or she could be, but they are not on the actual, ultimate final level of winning. They are just scratching the surface. And if they think that is the be all end all answer to their life, well then they are grossly mistaken! And their journey may be a long one. And one we may not envy. You would not envy.
The lottery is a poor man's game.
So, instead of reaching for those “magic numbers”  we ask that you reach within. And find the real magic of source energy. And then your dreams will truly unfold…from YOU! From the Universe. From tapping into all that is. And you will win greater than you could ever imagine. True riches. True abundance. True love and zest for life. And health and wonderful  relations. That’s where joy lives. Not from a lottery ticket or a scratch-off or a casino. So embrace that deeper level and find true winnings!

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