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Let Love Lead

Good is always there if you are willing to reach for it. It’s not your job as a human being to understand why things happen the way they do. It is your job to let go and flow with the Universe. Everything has a plan. Your higher power, your source energy, it is always working on your behalf. What it wants is for you to get out of the way. Feelings of fear, worry and anxiety are just the ego trying to control that which cannot be controlled.
Go within and listen to the stillness of your spirit. There is no need to live in fear. Joy is already within you at all times.
Even the most seemingly negative and horrible thing has already been chosen by you and is designed for your own magnificent growth. Source wants nothing more than for you to be happy. But there will be contrast. There will be battles with the ego mind. There will be moments when you want to give up. But the power comes when you continue, no matter what the odds. Believe and you will receive all that and more.
Abandon the fear based mind. The failure based mind. And know that things are never going to be understood by your mind. What can be understood is the heart. Listen. Breathe. Trust. Love. Love yourself. Love your higher power and the energy of source that is within you. Love and know that you the Universe is nothing but pure loving golden energy. Feel the vibration! And where there is love there cannot be fear. Fear evaporates to make room for the ultimate emotion of pure, radiant love.
Where there is love there cannot be fear. Fear evaporates to make room for the ultimate emotion of pure, radiant love.
You are love. You came to earth to experience a loving vibration. Step into that powerful feeling. All that worries you will melt away. The Universe is always working for you. There’s no need for fear. The need is for love. Replace the doubt and anxiety with compassion, peace, gratitude and the knowledge that everything is always unfolding perfectly for your journey in this lifetime. Breathe and believe and all is yours. Let love lead and there’s nothing but infinite possibilities, prosperity and the pure power of Source!

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