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How To Wake Up

Wake up every morning with gratitude and joy to be alive. We recommend taking time before starting your day to connect to yourself and Source. There is no excuse not to find the ability to do this. Every person can connect in a different way. This morning ritual can be as simple as a walk outside, journaling before that cup of coffee, coming to the yoga mat, practicing QiGong and Tai Chi, or coming into a seated meditation. You can even meditate or start the day with prayers of gratitude right in bed! The important thing to make a day successful and begin on a high vibration of love is to take time to shift your energy higher before you even officially begin the day. 
Wake up every morning with gratitude and joy to be alive.
When practiced mindfully and regularly, the world becomes clearer. You begin to look forward to the morning. The peaceful quiet time made just for you to connect to your higher power. Take the time to make living the priority. Even just a few minutes every day can raise your energy, thereby creating a more exuberant and ecstatic existence.

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