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What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety often comes because we are not in tune to the current vibration.  We feel it rushing around us and are afraid to let go, to allow, to welcome in this energy.  It often means that the energy is swirling faster than before, rising to a higher level and inviting you to join in the fray.  When the thinking mind encounters this sudden rush of new energy, it often responds with reluctance and reticence. This is when anxiety and fear kick in. The brain thinks that it knows more than the soul and does battle with the current space.
Light is faster than darkness. Rise with the light.
Relax and let the thinking mind know that all is well.  The energy is shifting towards more and more harmony.  All you have to do is allow.  Think of it as to allow ALL to happen NOW. Allow now. All now. Join in and let the energy wash over you. Let go fighting and let the body just receive the energy.
Step into it. Allow now.  Experience all that is happening now. And the anxious mind will melt away. All noxious feelings will evaporate. And what will be left is the goodness of now. Your new vibration. Light is faster than darkness. Rise with the light. Raise up to the next level of being. Allow ALL now!

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