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On Karma

There is no such thing as “Karma.” You might think that this is quite the controversial statement. We only tell you the truth.

Karma is a man-made created idea to provide excuses that prevent you from living your purpose on this life and connecting to true Source Energy within.  You say “I am not where I want to be. It must be because I have Karma stuck with me from a past life.” And then you stop trying to connect to your soul and heart and purpose in this lifetime. And spend hours, days, years, exploring your past lives. And attempting to determine what action has lead to these feelings you are currently experiencing.

You are wasting your time. No past action is causing the feelings you are currently experiencing. Only YOU are causing the feelings you are feeling. When you say you need to worry about your Karma. You are trying to avoid living your present. You are keeping yourself at a very LOW vibration. How can you raise your place and experience in this lifetime if you make excuse after excuse as to why you can’t change anything? If you blame everything on that which you have no control of?

Karma is a game invented to make humans feel safe and keep you in a shallow, low vibration. We see it appear in negative emotions, too.  You are someone who says you want to manifest greatness and raise your standards of living. You meditate. You practice yoga. You say you sit and connect to self. And then you go and badmouth the person who cut you off in traffic and say “Well, you’re gonna have bad karma SUCKER!” We hear these things all the time.  You use Karma, not only to blame yourself, but also to try and blame other people and create a “holier than thou” as it is said attitude.  If you are blaming others. If you are saying that other people have bad Karma due to some action they have taken against you or you have witnessed, you are at a very low vibration.

You cannot connect to Source and the Love that you are if you are constantly looking for someone or something to blame. The only person to blame if you are miserable is yourself.  Now stop right there. We can feel you getting defensive. Saying “Oh but it cannot POSSIBLY be my fault because I have no money.” Or “because John divorced me.” Or even because, “it’s not my fault because I did something wrong in a past life and now I can never move forward because it’s haunting me and keeping me down.” You couldn’t be further from the truth.

You are the creator of your destiny!
You are wrong because you are the creator of your destiny. You are here in this body on this earth, right now, for a purpose. You have chosen this experience and all that is coming to you.  You are not a victim. You are the author of your story! And whatever happened before you came into this world? That is in the past. Yes, it may be interesting and unique, but it is not here and now.  Those experiences ended when you passed out of that lifetime and died and returned to Source.  This experience and lifetime is new. And yes, sometimes there are moments where soulmates will meet again and again across the lifetimes (Lora and Brian are good examples of this), but those are conscious choices by two pairs of Source Energy. These are not patterns. These are not Karma. These are not things dictated from outside forces.

You are the force. You are what makes your life. Only you. And you set the vibration. You set the pace, so to speak. And how you treat others, including yourself, is how you rise in this plane of existence.

Let go of Karma–using it as a crutch for yourself or using it as a low-level negative blame for others.

You came into this world, this lifetime, this moment. For a reason. To see and experience love in the human condition. In this human condition. So commit to being here and now. Commit to loving and experiencing this lifetime. And reacting and responding to others in this plane of existence with love and kindness. Then the goodness will flow. And flow. And flow. It will not stop flowing. You will rise so high you will not even realize you are on the same Earth. Or in the same body.  Because there is such a tremendous capacity for joy in the human condition. And it only comes when you succumb to the innate magic of the present moment. Letting go of past notions of right or wrong. Letting go of crutches. It’s not about hiding in the shadows. It’s about learning to consciously walk in the light.

So throw off the security blanket of Karma. Throw away the mask of victimhood. Toss off the crown of ego. Destroy the pedestals of greed, cruelty, bigotry and anger. All you need is you. Your soul. Your love. Your essence. You are pure Source Energy. Always. Feel it. Drink it in. Embody it.

And rise in light.

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