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Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

It’s easy to stay “stuck.” Forward momentum and progress can seem distant or far away. But it’s the present moment where the work begins. Dreams are only made a reality when an individual takes action to make them so. Wishing cannot change your existence. Only you can do that....

Let Love Lead

Good is always there if you are willing to reach for it. It's not your job as a human being to understand why things happen the way they do. It is your job to let go and flow with the Universe. Everything has a plan. Your higher power, your source energy, it is always working on your behalf. What it...

What about mean people?

remember that they are not on our vibrational plane. Pettiness, gossip, stealing, physical and emotional violence. These things happen because people are unawakened. They are not on the level of cosmic understanding and are not in tune to a love vibration....