My purpose is to change the world through love. Changing the world through love also means that I am to be an amazing mother and supportive and encouraging partner to my soul mate. I promise to listen to Divine Guidance and to share the wisdom I receive with the world. I will not give up and I trust that everything comes effortlessly when I believe and bask in the glory of Source. God is in me just as he is in my family, my friends and each and every person on the planet. Angels support me and are sent from God and Source to help and protect me and my family. Magic is real. Love reigns supreme. And each moment is the perfect moment. I let go of any past hurt, old fears and guilt. Every single moment of my past is perfect because every moment has brought me to this exact moment in time.

I pledge to go forward with love and light. To trust to spirit and to know that I am love. I am abundance. I am the Universe itself. I am all I need to be and my purpose on this planet in this human lifetime is to embrace the magic of Source and to share that love with the world. To help raise a loving family that can go on and do such good deeds that I cannot even imagine what amazing things will come. To support Brian and help him to transform the world and share his God given magical talents and healing energy with as many humans as possible on the planet.

Magic is real. I am magic. We are magic. We have the power the world needs to change vibration on a massive scale. To turn the tides of hate. To help others see all the good inside. Because this world is a mystical and fantastic place. We have come to earth to experience the joy that is here. And there is even more beauty waiting to be seen. Waiting to be uncovered at a higher vibration. I promise to help us reach that higher place.

We are magic itself. We are Source. We are love. We are Divine. God dwells in us. It is time to experience all that we are meant to be.

Endless bliss awaits us. Beginning. Right. Now!


Yoga Works, E-RYT® 200, YACEP

Advanced Usui Reiki Practitioner

Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass

Mastin Kipp’s Daily Love Mastery (Now “Claim Your Power”)

Committed Impulse with Josh Pais

Yoga for Athletes with Sage Rountree

Atlantic Acting School

American Conservatory Theater

B.A. Theater Studies, Emory University