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20140204_100341 “Lora Hogan has a special talent for yoga. This comes from her radiant personality, her obvious passion for yoga and her ability to translate her healing power through her words and actions. As a runner, she understands the application of yoga to this special population. I highly recommend Lora Hogan as a yoga instructor.” –Eric Schweitzer, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Premier Physical Therapy & Sports Performance


Lora is a very dedicated and passionate instructor who will help you grow your enthusiasm for the yoga practice and realize its endless benefits.

Runners and triathletes spend countless hours training to build their endurance for the sports in which they compete.  But in the midst of this sport-specific training, flexibility and even strength in certain areas can be lost.  Lora’s Yoga for Runners class targets the ‘problem’ areas for endurance athletes, where they can lack strength, flexibility, and in term, become susceptible to injury.  I was amazed after taking one of Lora’s classes how sore I was after some in a few areas, and have started adding some yoga and stretching to my weekly training routine, to build strength in some of my newly-discovered weak spots.

I would recommend Lora’s class to any level of runner or triathlete, as the environment and routine she creates can benefit a Yoga newbie or a more advanced Yogi.  Lora has taken the time to really understand runners and their needs as she has even trained for and completed a few half marathons herself!” –Lindsey Metzler, Boston Marathon Finisher, USA Triathlon National Championships Qualifier

376376_10150490230990923_1616750175_n“I met Lora through a connection in the small St. Pete yoga world. I was immediately drawn to the positive vibe she gives out, and later was lucky enough to enjoy her yoga classes. Lora makes yoga REAL. She talks about fears, doubts, inconsistencies and trial-and-error. She’ll hold your hand (or your feet) to take you through something new. She’s also a stickler for FORM, which is so important when remaining uninjured. Her soft spoken manner slips away in the studio, and she takes charge with a smile like sunshine. Sometimes her classes turn into impromptu handstand workshops, or wall inversion workshops. I also like that she is open about her back issues & limitations, because it let me know she could relate to my own. Lora’s classes are always a delight!” –Raffi Darrow, Health Nut, Web Designer, Marketer



Lora Hogan is the best yoga instructor I have had the good fortune of studying under. She is always in-tune with her students’ needs and goals. Lora ensures her students are practicing safely, while progressing in their practice. Wise beyond her years, she has a superb eye for body mechanics and alignment.” –Heather Doherty, Yoga Student

karen“Lora is a very knowledgeable yoga instructor who is always educating herself on the latest techniques and injury prevention methods. Her laugh in infectious and makes each class relaxing and welcoming. Her attention to the needs of her clients and students is the best I have ever seen. I always learn something new each time I take one of Lora’s classes.” –Karen Anthony, Runner, Triathlete, Assistant Buyer at Fit2Run, the Runner’s Superstore



“Yoga with Lora is always a treat. She is skilled in teaching all levels and always puts a smile on your face, even if you’re mid-boat pose;) –Heather York, runner10369909_10154131505115265_1966260934183665736_n

It is hard to say just one thing about what I love about Lora’s yoga classes. She has so many unique qualities that makes her teaching style stand out from other instructors. Her positive attitude and friendly nature make her classes so inviting that everyone feels at home as soon as they arrive. Lora genuinely cares about her students and ensures that each person is challenged but is able to adapt poses to his/her own ability by creating a safe, noncompetitive environment where students feel open to explore. She adds elements of playfulness so that the class is fun and interactive. With over 10 years of experience as a teacher, Lora has a deep knowledge of yoga and its philosophy and she truly lives and breathes her practice on a daily basis. Her passion helps evoke a sense of self-discovery and transformation and I always leave the class inspired and wanting to become better both on and off the mat. I gravitate most toward her style of teaching because her authenticity as a person shines through and her encouragement has brought a greater sense of confidence to my practice. 

For me, I have found that confidence doesn’t come from mastering all the poses but from being your most authentic you. As a runner/triathlete, I actually struggle most with flexibility and had difficulty with even wanting to stretch before and after long runs. Lora is highly skilled and trained in proper body alignment and understands how to best correct each individual’s poses to obtain a deeper stretch and to prevent injury. She is well researched in this area and it has brought me a new sense of awareness which has improved my balance, strength and flexibility and in turn has helped me with my running. Lora’s positive energy is so refreshing and I feel fortunate to be surrounded by someone with such an enthusiasm for yoga, teaching and for helping others. I look forward to many more classes with Lora and highly recommend them!” — Erin O’Connell -Marathon Runner/Triathlete

pavloFACT: A room gets brighter when Lora walks in.

I had the great pleasure of working with Lora directly and indirectly on several initiatives and projects at Ruth Eckerd Hall. She ALWAYS has a great, positive attitude and brings enthusiasm and fresh thinking to whatever she does. She isn’t afraid to share her ideas, and she makes constructive criticisms feel like a compliment. I truly hope that I get the opportunity to work with her again in the future.” – Pavlo Kosmos Synadinos, Amazon.com 



Lora has a special gift for looking at the big picture of a large project with finely tuned attention, while managing a multitude of details with grace and finesse. She is reliable, and always follows through. She gets an amazing amount of work done in a short amount of time, and breezes through challenges and deadlines with confidence…. Lora is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is dedicated and approaches life with a positive outlook. She is a true humanitarian, with the talent, skills, and vision to manifest for the greater good. I highly recommend her and thoroughly enjoy working with her.” -Elise Zotos, Eluv


jared“Lora has a bubbly and exciting personality. She gets excited and thrilled over the prospect of educating and being educated, and thrives on learning new things daily. She is a wonderful and cheery person who believes that no matter how different we all are, we all have something important and thrilling to provide the world. -Jared O’Rourke, Project Shattered Silence





Lora is very talented in all aspects of her life. She writes a creative and fun blog that brings a smile to her readers’ faces meanwhile providing helpful insight into what makes all of us tick! Lora’s creativity and personality shine through in her blog postings as well as her yoga classes! – Sara McClarnon, Visual Artist 




Lora brings passion and creativity to every professional undertaking I worked with Lora to create branding and promotional items for the group, and as a client, she was open and collaborative. I can’t wait to work with Lora again on her next creative endeavor. – Kyle Steif, Green Ribbon Design 


Thank you for a great class. You are a born teacher. ” – Mariaelena, yoga student